sdbf  3.3
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A very short example program using sdbf.

/* shortest possible test program for sdbf
   author: candice quates

g++ -o sdbf_test ../libsdbf.a -lcrypto -lc -lm -lpthread 


#include <iostream>
#include <stdint.h>

#include "../sdbf/sdbf_class.h"
#include "../sdbf/sdbf_defines.h"

using namespace std;

main() {
    uint32_t res1;
    /// create new sdbf from binary of built sdhash file, no parallelism
    sdbf *test1 = new sdbf("../sdhash", 0);
    /// create new sdbf from binary of Doxygen file, 16KB to a bloom filter
    sdbf *test2 = new sdbf("../Doxyfile", 16*1024);

    /// display our hashes
    cout << test1 ;
    cout << test2 ;
    /// Compare test 1 with test2, and print the resulting score.

    uint8_t* stuff;
    cout << "test1 vs test2 " << res1 << "\n";
    return 0;